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Music Videos With Running In Them #2: Rozi Plain – ‘Jogalong’

Theme: A confused young lady attempts to recall some conversations about stuff that she’s had over the years. Baffled, she finds salvation and pleasure in the noble pursuit of  running around some football pitches and standing up against a wall.

Reality check: The fashionable leggings suggest the need to go for a jog took Rozi Plain unawares. Nice to see an actual race used in a video.  Pretty sure it’s the Run Hackney Half.

Can you run to the song: Er no, but you could very happily jog along to it.

On your marks: 8/10

Notes: There is so much very much to love about this tune – the retro synths, the dreamy vocals, the obtuse lyrics, it is just lovely. Also – any music video featuring pylons is a winner in my book. Location is again Hackney Marshes. 

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