Introducing The Weight Age-Grading Calculator

Slow race times can be depressing especially if you’re carrying a bit of timber and in advancing years. Fortunately the boffins at the University of Dayton have come to the rescue with the amazing Weight-Age Grading Calculator. Click here to enter your details. Tap in your recent race time, age and weight at the time of the race and it calculates what your time would have been if you were 25 and at the perfect weight. Hey presto my depressing 4hr 40min marathon time is magically transformed to 3hr 58min – which is more or less what I was aiming at. Woop-woop!


The handicap is based on the documented decline in aerobic function, specifically distance run speed, due to increasing age and fat-free mass. 

Sadly I don’t think it works in reverse and tells young disgusting athletic types what their time would be if they were old and tubby.

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